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In 1989 five bells were duly commissioned and foundered in Perth by local bell makers and positioned in the south bell tower of the winery. Unfortunately over time the bells fell ‘off key’ and attempts to re-tune were problematic.

Edward began the process of commissioning a replacement quintet of bells. Design and casting was carried out by John Taylor & Co in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England who has cast notable bells including “Great Paul” at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

The quintet, weighed in at over a tonne and the mammoth task of installing and tunning the bells was handed to Laith Reynolds and Rhys Greenhalgh from Swan Bells in Perth, who worked meticulously during the final stages of the commissioning.

Today the bells chime the well-known Westminster Chimes on the quarter hour with which people might associate with Grandfather clocks or Big Ben. Rhys Greenhalgh has volunteered that our 5 bells sound as good as he has heard!